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  • Gemstone Cuff linksgemstone cuff links

    Diamond quartz cuff links

    Hand painted cuff links can really made any outfit feel more special.  Tiny perfect crystals of diamond quartz cover a hand-painted evil eye design for protection.    These can be painted in any color combination if you don’t like what’s in stock.  just give me 2 to 3 weeks if I need to make them.

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  • Liquid smudge sprayLiquid smudge spray

    Liquid Smudge Spray – Room (energy) clearing

    Liquid smudge spray for those that hate smoke but love the clearing powers of Sage and Palo Santo.  Smoke bothers my eyes so I created this spray from essential oils, distilled water, ground quartz crystals and a ritual during a full moon to create this unique spray.  This spray is good for places like offices, shops or even cars where lighting a burning stick, is probably a bad idea.  This spray is activate just by a good shake and then give the space a couple of sprays.  That’s it!    You can recycle the bottle when you get near the end by filling it with more distilled water for another round as the oil scent lasts a long time in there.

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  • Bat, Mother of Pearl earring

    Mother of Pearl Bats – Fortune finds you

    Laser cut from discarded shells, these little bats are here to brighten the night and make you smile.  In Asian culture Bats are highly fortuitous and are harbingers of good luck.  Black and gold chain.  Earring leverback is sturdy and made of 14KYGF material, making it hypoallergenic.

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