Liquid Smudge Clearing Spray


Clean the energy of the space around you with liquid smudge spray!
Do you hate smoke but love the idea of clearing with Sage and Palo Santo? I make liquid smudge spray during the full moons and every bottle has quartz crystals for grounding. I created liquid smudge because I’m not good with smoke but I like the smell, so with essential oils, distilled water and Reiki energy I make a batch of liquid smudge and bottle it. It does the same thing that burning does, just without the smoke. Just shake the bottle and give the room a few sprays. This is great for your car and office where people don’t want a smokey smell. It’s a very light sage and Palo Santo scent.   Each bottle is filled with with crystals that you can use when the bottle is done, though you can refill the bottle with distilled water one more time because of the amount of essential oils in the bottle.  so you are really getting 2 bottles in one!  I would not recommend using tap water.  Distilled water is as close to natural rain water so it’s doesn’t have any chemicals in it.

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